Saturday, April 30, 2011

Something New: The Green Attic Project

An architectural side project which turned out to be a major undertaking, The Green Attic Project was one of the most stressful endeavors I have ever handled. I took on the duties for conceptual design (which was really fun) up to construction supervision (which was not). My hats off to my friends who actually do this for a living.

Here's a time-lapse animation clip of the six months of construction work.

The Green Attic project from destudioanima on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Posterity Post; Naghihintay

Look what I found! While rummaging through tons of CD and DVD backups this Holy Week-end, I discovered some vid clips from an unfinished cinematography project I had way back in 2005.

Naghihintay vidclip from destudioanima on Vimeo.

The left frame is raw 16mm film footage shot with a Bolex while the right one is Digital 8 video shot with a Sony Handycam. The Bolex had light leaking into it that's why there's a vertical white band on the right side of the frame (this essentially ruined the whole project for me). The Handycam was essentially our version of a video assist. We ran out of tripods that's why the frame is a bit jittery.

Aside from Cinematography I also learned about Production and Set Design having done the carpentry, painting, and dressing up of the set all by myself.

Here are some sample PreViz shots I did in 3D for the lighting and composition. If only live action film making was this easy to set up.

director/cinematographer/carpenter: Dennis E. Sebastian
production crew: JV Chiu, Alex Espartero, Norly Lalo
talent: Denise Castillo
makeup: Jean Aves

instructor: Regiben Romana
location and equipment courtesy of Mowelfund Film Institute

Friday, February 19, 2010

MTV Philippines Signs Off

I haven't watched MTV Philippines in a very long time (haven't watched any tv in a long time actually) and was quite surprised that it has signed off. That's it. No more MTV Pinoy style.

This is sad for me for 2 main reasons. First, MTV is a highly recognized international brand name and to have that connected with Pinoy music and music videos is, i think, a good thing in promoting some of our music and videos in the world arena. Like when the world hears that so and so is MTV Philippines Artist of the Month or this video is video of the year, they might take notice. Maybe.

This leads me to my Second reason. In 2006, the video I made for Mojofly's song Tumatakbo won 2 awards in the MTV Pilipinas Video Music Awards. These were for Best Animated Video (which was the first time this category was included) and for Favorite Indie video. It was and still is a great honor to have won and that moment will always be remembered as MTV Philippines also will.

Plus who can forget Sarah Meier, Cindy Kurleto, and Belinda Panelo :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

hey i can draw!

i was planning to go straight to the 3D animatics/layout using my CG characters but my computer died on me. so... traditional hand drawn storyboards was the way to go in planning and developing my animated short, WHY THE SKY IS HIGH.

and since i don't have the funds to hire my professional artist friends (whose art has graced this blog o mine in past projects), i decided to do the storyboards myself.

here are some of the boards.

this is an exploration of the Shaman character.

not bad for someone who doesn't really draw much.

Friday, July 24, 2009

This is not a test!

I designed, modeled, rigged, and posed this guy myself (animation is in progress). I just got sick of borrowing someone else's character just so I can animate something for someone else. This time I'm doing this for me. So there.

By the way, the character shown is the Shaman. The title of the animated short is Why The Sky Is High. It is based on an old Filipino folk tale.

And now for that nap :)